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We believe players learn most quickly by actively practicing skills and working as a team to accomplish goals.  The coaches teach checkpoints for each stroke, so that players develop proper technique and the ability to use a little creativity. While practicing drills or playing games, players are reminded of the checkpoints to ensure smooth development.

  • Foam Ball - begining to intermediate, ages 4-6
  • Red Ball - begining to intermediate ages, 7-8
  • Orange Ball - begining to intermediate ages, 9-10
  • Green Ball - begining to intermediate ages, 11-18
  • Yellow Ball - intermediate to advanced, ages 10-19
  • Tournament Team - advanced players currently competing in local tournaments (coach approval), ages 12-18

The Foam, Red, Orange and Green Ball  and Challengers classes have a 6:1 player coach ratio. Tournament Team has a 4:1 player coach ratio.

Please review our Registration Policies regarding proper attire and making up a missed class.